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Pocket AI is a chatbot with human-like language that can generate replies on a wide range of topics and styles.

It has the ability to: compose music, solve math problems, tell a joke, write an essay or an email, answer science questions,explain historical events, give you recipes, write a program code and much more!

Ask him anything, and he is always
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Your personal conversation companion!

Pocket AI is intuitive! It allows you to ask it questions, acquire information, or have a natural efficient conversation.

The app is designed to intelligently respond to a wide range of prompts, allowing it to be the best assistant/companion for both professional and personal use. Whether you're looking for information, require guidance with a task or simply want to have a friendly chat, Pocket AI App is here to assist you!




A sense of humour worth sharing, with all sorts of jokes from knock-knock to anecdotes.

Music Writing Assistance

Musical help of any kind! From writing a song -- personal or to a loved one -- or simply music theory. The bot can assist!

Essay Writing

A vast comprehensive knowledge base, with ability to expand on any topic you have in mind.

Write an Email

Professional Email and Cover Letter writing assistance in addition to generating responses to different clients/ recipients.

Write a Java or Python Program

Generate code for any program from a simple Hello World program to coding for a website or mobile app.

Science Questions

Enquiries about Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other sciences. How to set up a science lab? What is a Photon?

Write a Summary

Reduce large amounts of text to a simple outline with bullet points or a short summary.

Write a Poem

Generate a love poem, a shakespearean sonnet, a dark poem, or even modern spoken prose!

Solve Math Equations

From simple arithmetics to quadratic equations. The artificial intelligence bot will help with challenging equations and will provide theoretical answers.

Find Delicious Recipes

Cooking assistance from A to Z. Provides a list of ingredients to cook various cuisines from Italian to far eastern, You name it!